All through the month of March as a part of our Forward Fund giving we as the church will be focusing on two specific projects geared toward spreading the gospel to all people. In conjunction with this focus, we are asking you to give sacrificially towards these projects outlined below. When we say sacrificially, we are encouraging you to give up something (i.e., coffee, movie-night-out, concert tickets, etc.) to contribute to the Forward Fund.

Our Goal is $100K

We ask that you not only be in prayer for these projects but to participate.

For the month of March we are seeing what we can sacrifice, give up, to put towards our goal. Lets get this church planted and reach people for Jesus.


Putting Bibles in the hands of Iranians who are hungry for the truth.

Planting a church in a sensitive country in the Middle East.



Using social media (Instagram & Facebook stories) share what or how you are sacrificing during the month by tagging us @rfachurch and adding #FWDSACRIFICE to your post. We will randomly select and share your stories on our social media story all during the month.

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